Some Pictures from Steve's Leaving Party

Saturday, December 4th


Almamo Barrow (Action Aid) and Kitabu Charty - Both counterpart's of Steve (at one point or another)


Yandeh and Elina having a chat while Chris' helmet listens in


Steve, Joan and Dickie sharing a few words

Personal Note: Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their friendship and generosity during the three years I have been here in The Gambia. I have made many friends over my time here and I will miss all of you very much though I will keep you all in my heart.

I have been very touched by the thanks that people have expressed to me over the past few weeks in regards to my work and assistance while here in The Gambia. I am pleased that people believe I have had some positive impact in some way on the life of the Gambian people.

I have no idea what I will be up to next but I will begin my new adventure with a month in Canada visiting friends and family then returning to the UK to find a job and a place to live (suggestions warmly welcomed).

I will always remember my time here with great fondness.

Thank you. Steve