Review of 'Pawn of Prophecy'

Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings
1st book in the 'The Belgariad' series

pawn_of_prophecy.jpg Garion is a 14-year old in the care of his Aunt Pol working on a farm in rural Sendaria. When “Wolf”, a story-teller comes visiting and a spy is found in their midst they are forced to flee for their lives in search of the Orb that formerly protected the kingdoms of the west. Garion is very confused since no one seems to want to talk to him - Who is he really? Who were is parents? Who really is Wolf and, for that matter, who is Aunt Pol? On their travels through Sendaria then onto Cherek, to the north, to reassure a meeting of kings that they are on the right path Garion begins to learn his true heritage and glimmers of the challenges that lie ahead…intrigue, action, adventure and a bit of magic.

Quite a good little page-turner from a master of the Fantasty genre. Enough details to keep me interested but not so much it is difficult to remember (I am talking about you Robert Jordan!). I did find it a bit tedious to read over and over Garion's doubts in himself and who he is - His obvious continued cluelessness does get a bit boring but perhaps this is realistic. Of course, it also keeps the intrigue going this being the first book in the series…

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2014-12-28

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Del-Rey

Publication Date: 1982

ISBN: 9780345335517