Review of 'Why do People Hate America?'

Why do People Hate America? by Merryl Wyn Davies, and Ziauddin Sardar

Written just after the September 11th catastophy Sardar and Davies attempt to analyse the world-wide tendancy to look at the US as an artifact of scorn and contempt. In this book they suggest that much of this contempt is due to the US's foreign policy and how they treat others in the world – reflected in the image they project to the rest of the world. The US would have people believe that this resentment is born of jealousy for the success and afluence of American society but the authors suggest that it is simply their lack of understanding of foreign culture and soverienty. I found the contents to be very enlightening but somehow coherent with my understanding of the US and the rest of the world (being from Canada, I am at once a “victim” and a “beneficiary” of the US hyperpower). Generally the arguments are fair to the US but would doubtless find extreme criticism in the US. Very readable and interesting.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Genre: Non-Fiction