Review of 'The Light Before Christmas (2022)'

We were lucky enough to get tickets for “The Light Before Christmas” at Liverpool Cathedral for a busy Sunday evening (£8 for adults; £6 for children). An unusual event, this sees the giant interior spaces of the cathedral lit up with spectacular, modern light displays set to equally modern music by Luxmuralis. Entering through the west door your tickets are checked in the lower levels of the cathedral before being guided (follow the signs) up into the main body of the church at the “Western Transept”.

Lights on the North Window Lights on the North Window

The first section projected onto the northern wall (where the main entrance to the cathedral is normally located) features some dancing trees and other more whimsical elements.

Following the trail, the next stop is in the main body of the church (“Central Space”) with images projected along the length of the cathedral towards the alter to the south. The walls of the church are used as projected spaces as well with the best most encompassing experience being in the middle of the room just outside the café.

Lights on the Hallway Ceiling

Stars Along the Hallway

The trail continues to the left of the space and behind the high alter along the “Ambulatory” bridge then the western passage.

Angels Projected on Stained Glass

At the “Derby Transept” (on the west side of the middle part of the cathedral) is the next display of a series of angels projected onto the massive stained glass window here.

Jesus and the Madonna

The final length of hall includes the most overtly Christian element of the display with pictures of Jesus' birth.

Light a Candle

The tour ends with a stop at the font where you are invited to light a candle and take some time for thought (only distracted by the noisy displays behind you).

An absolutely amazing experience that is difficult to describe as it really must be experienced. You must stop and let the the light and music envelop you. All the displays are on a loop so it is recommended to stop and take in each of the entire pieces before moving on – Some even lie on the floor to relax and enjoy. It is certainly overwhelming and incredibly impressive. I do have to say I am not sure how well it actually utilized the architectural features of the space though with most images projected onto the surfaces with little regard to protuberances or windows so basically just using it as a “flat” canvas.

Note that parking in the cathedral car park was impossible except for those that arrived several hours early (such as ourselves) so best option is to park elsewhere or take public transport or, of course, walk. To be fair, this information was communicated clearly on the information provided when booking.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2022-12-04

Liverpool Cathedral

Location: Liverpool (England)

Address: St James Mt, Liverpool L1 7AZ ENGLAND

Telephone: +44 (0) 151 709 6271


Liverpool Cathedral large, 20th century Church of England gothic cathedral (not to be confused with the nearby, modern Roman Catholic “Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral”) on the top of a hill overlooking the core area of Liverpool. It hosts normal church services and is free to visit but also hosts special events throughout the year.

There is a large on-site outdoor car park for visitors but you easily walk up to it or choose from multiple public transport options.