Review of 'Cirque Éloize: Id'


“Cirque Éloize” is a 23-year-old circus group from from Montreal that regularly tour with “Id”, one of their first shows. In the confines of a smaller theatre such as the Peacock you would wonder that they would be a bit tight on space but, in fact, they make very good use of what is available. “Id” is set in the urban environment of a big city where the performers seek to define their own identity amongst the masses around them.

Id's set is composed of various levels of “skyline” that the performers climb onto, over and into. The performances are accompanied by “hip-hop” style music that keeps up the interest and energy. “Id” starts with two groups of youths squaring off with one using a tall pole in the middle of the stage that are used to perform amazing feats of acrobatics as he seemingly defies gravity. This group rivalry narrative continues throughout the piece as an excuse to perform more and more amazing fantastic antics - For example, a duo consisting of a performer on roller blades and another on a bicycle that, at one point, race up and down the aisles of the auditorium. Both of these performers were absolutely amazing with their accuracy and skill (the requisite audience volunteer lying on the stage eliciting gasps as the bicycle hops around and about him). There are some of the more traditional modern circus acts like the twin strips of cloth hanging from the top of the stage that are used by a acrobat to perform various acts high above but for the most part there is a sense of fun and originality throughout the show. I have to say though the final act where a trampoline unexpectedly makes an appearance was the highlight for me - Truly astonishing the height they achieve and how fluid the whole thing goes.

To be sure, not all of the acts are flawless with a number of obvious mistakes in the group skipping section - A number of performers missing their marks and causing the ropes to fly off. With the juggling act there were also a few flaws but they actually picked up and tried again to the approval of the audience as they eventually completed their sequence correctly. I have to say the juggler was amazing in any case, bouncing ever more and more balls off of glass sheets and the stage - All the while smiling and seeming to have a great time.

The show is a lot of fun and full of positive energy that really flows from the cast who seem to genuinely be having a good time. Éloise might not have the sheer artistic and polished presence of Cirque de Soliel but it makes up for it with energy and fun. We really enjoyed the show and will certainly be looking for them again.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2016-09-29

Peacock Theater

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The “west end” branch of the Sadler's Wells theatre in Angel, the Peacock is smaller and not as a nice a venue but still with many dance shows that are a staple of it's mother theatre. Located in the basement of the London School of Economics it is relatively secluded with only a few restaurants and bars nearby. There are adequate bars on the stalls and circle levels of the theatre with a cloak room on the stalls level.