Review of 'Cirque du Soleil - Amaluna'


I have always been attracted to the wonderful Cirque du Soleil. To me as a child Cirque was the ultimate circus show yet always it was out of reach with it's expensive tickets. Now I have been lucky enough to have attended some of their many shows that have travelled here to London but also to their shows abroad. The shows are similar in general nature but I still enjoy them.

“Amaluna” tells the coming of age story of a young woman on an island. When some pirates are shipwrecked she falls for a young man…At least that is what I think it was about. Let me just check that I got this right by seeing what the web site says…Yep, got it about right. Yeah, you don't come to Cirque for the story, you come for the spectacular circus acts and here you will not be disappointed. One highlight for me was a group of three acrobats on bungie cords hanging from the roof of the hall as they bounced themselves up and over the audience. Some were more typical acts such as the performer with a large head-height metal ring that they deftly ride and fling about the stage, another performer slides up and down a pole erected on the stage with freakish ease, a group of acrobats use a set of four uneven bars, and another group uses a “teeterboard” to send their members high in the air. One of the key elements is a large glass half-circle water bowl sitting on the stage that a performer dives in and out of while balancing on narrow spindles on the pool's side.

Another aspect to Cirque shows are the innovative “clowns” here in the form of a large, but warm, lady and an older “pirate” finding love with one another as they interact with the audience, here rubbing various people's heads, kissing them, and throwing their tickets in the air. These acts serve to lighten the mood after the tension that the audience often feels with the more spectacular acts. In all fairness, I do try to avoid the front row in any Cirque show…unless you are something of an extrovert…

The live band here is very good featuring some serious guitar work and several very strong lead singers that perform throughout. The music, as always, is excellent with a rather catchy reoccurring theme tune…though, also as always, is quickly forgotten after leaving the theatre. Of course, it is here to enhance the whole experience so in this it does so admirably.

One spectacular effect in the show is where a large sheet of light fabric is placed in the middle of a circle of fans that blow it high into the air in amazing and fantastic shapes - A lot like the fire it is meant to be. It is these touches that make this more than a simple circus show. This is magic and wonder. Though “Amaluna” might not bring anything entirely new to the scene it is a lot of fun so sit back, enjoy and prepare to be amazed. Yeah, expensive but worth it.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2017-01-25

Royal Albert Hall

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Simply my favourite concert hall in the world. When I lived in the United Kingdom after moving here from Canada I spent one of my first summers attending the Proms and I fell in love with the hall. It's warm inviting shape along with amazing acoustics and elegant, yet not completely over the top, decor. Many famous people have played here and many more still do.

For bigger shows I do not mind being up in the circle, but only if it is in the middle. The circle seats in the front rows off to the sides have a railing to content with. Seating in the stalls is very good but it can be difficult to take in any large spectacles on the stage. One thing to look out for are any concerts where they use the organ - A magnificent, restored beast that shakes the very walls when in use.