Review of 'Bangerz 'n' Burgerz'

A personal favourite

Located at the top end of the somewhat trendy Duke Street in Brighton is “Bangerz 'n' Burgerz”, the first restaurant foray of the “Bangerz 'n' Brewz” group from Southsea. The restaurant concentrates on the food side of things with a great selection of American fast food. The interior is awash in a kaleidoscope of graffiti from local artists covering every square inch of the walls leading diners to think they are eating in a skateboard park but, in this case, a skateboard park that dishes up great hot dogs and burgers.

Main Floor

Main Floor - Top of Stairs

The A4 paper menu is divided into “Burgers”, “Hotdogs”, “Wings”, “Fries” and “Sides” with the flip side devoted to drinks which includes four beers on tap, a few house wines, softs and a good selection of cocktails. The menu is quite simple to take in and does not try to cover all of the bases: Take it or leave it. The prices are quite reasonable with the most expensive food item at £12.95 but most mains around the £8-£9 mark. Drinks are also quite reasonable with prices what you might expect at a pub.

We visited within a few days of the restaurant opening on the Saturday of a long weekend at 5 pm….there was no one there. This did not put us off and the friendly staff sat us near the front door (in a socially distanced, responsible way) and left us to contemplate the menu. After ordering we were given a buzzer. We visited the facilities in the basement where not only did the graffiti continue but we also saw the (spotless) open kitchen where we would later collect our order on aluminium trays (the cook even helped me take our trays to the table).


I could not resist “The Undertaker” – “(life insurance not included) Triple patties, Bacon, American Cheese, Onion Ring, Hash Brown, Pickles, BBQ Slaw, BBQ Sauce & Mustard, topped with Crispy Chicken Strip. Be afraid…” (£12.95, the most expensive item on the menu save the bottles of wine…). It was the description alone that had me and it was delivered to the table as a rather tall, narrow tower of greasy goodness. Of course, the staff bigged up the effort of this burger but I found it not as overwhelming as it might seem. Eating was a challenge but I managed by a bit of cheating - Taking bits off the top and eating them first. The flavours were all very good with the burgers grilled perfectly - Slightly pink and very juicy. The sauces were flavoursome if a bit on the vinegary side. Nicely all of the savoury toppings managed to stay crispy including the chicken strip was not at all dried out - crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

The Undertaker

For the side I had “Spice Tots” – “Cajun Spiced with Sriracha Dip” (£3.95) - Which were good but did not really have a lot of flavour. Just love “Tatter Tots”…

My companion had the “Chicago-Style Footlong” hot dog – “Footlong Pork Frank, Loaded with American Cheese, Fresh Gherkin, Crunchy Bacon Bits, Crispy Onions, Ketchup & American Mustard” (£9.95). With the exception of the ketchup, this is a faithful recreation of a Chicago dog and was absolutely delicious. The hot dog was perfectly cooked, with the right amount of give on the casing and juicy on the inside. The toppings were not over the top, enhancing rather than overwhelming the dog.

Chicago-Style Footlong

The only disappointment of my visit was the “Fizzy Elderflower” (£2.95) which tasted mostly of fizzy water rather than elder-flower…

At £32.75 for the two of us including two soft drinks, this was quite a good deal. The staff were very friendly and made us feel very welcome with a great vibe to the place. Definitely worth a visit.

Digging In

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2020-08-29

Cuisine: American/British

Address: 33 Duke St, Brighton, England BN1 1AG

Location: Brighton (England)



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Telephone: +44 01273 805388