Review of 'The Bakers'

Recently re-opened site of “The Noble Art” that never seemed to reach it's stride, the old name is back on East Road but this time the interior is completely refurbished with wooden floors and a clean, cool look.

We were a bit weary when we visited during Friday lunch with no other punters in sight. Looking at the menu we were reassured somewhat and stayed to give it a try. The serviceable bar offers typical beers (nothing unusual) and the wine menu is fairly basic.

The food on offer is fairly typical bar fayre: Steak and chips, hamburgers, and all the other familiars. A few more unusual dishes made the refreshingly short, simple, menu catered to those that want a bit more in their meal but nothing too unusual here. I opted for the bangers and mash with a red wine onion gravy while my other lunch guests ordered a hamburger (100% Aberdeen Angus with bacon) in a chiabatta bun and a vegetable pastry dish. Though not indicated on the menu, the hamburger also comes with french fries and salad on the side.

The three large bangers were extremely tasty and tender with a wonderful rich mash – The accompanying wine gravy was slightly sweet and rounded off the generous portions of the dish. My friend's hamburger was lost a bit in the bun but, reportedly, fantastic though the fries on the side were very much what you would see coming out of the freezer section of the supermarket.

Service was serviceable and quite laid back with our meal arriving about 15 minutes after we placed it. Despite our being the only customers they did not linger and fawn over us (thankfully). It will be interesting to see how they cope with a full house in the rather large premises. It would also be nice in the warmer weather with the patio out the back (though not exactly the most scenic surroundings – the car park and side road do not inspire).

All of us enjoyed the visit. It will be good to see people visiting it when the word gets around that The Bakers is back and it is better than ever! I hope the new and clean interior stays that way…along with the good cooking.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2008-01-18

Cuisine: Pub

Address: 176 East Rd, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB1 1BG

Location: Cambridge (England)



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Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 516570