Review of 'Yang Sing'

Touted as one of the best restaurants in Manchester and the best Chinese restaurant outside of London I just had to visit this one. Arriving at the restaurant one is presented with a large multi-story building with dim sum typically served in the basement while the main floor is for dinner. I arrived for dim sum so descended into a dark but adequately lit basement decorated in a very modern style with cosy little nooks along the walls. It took some time for them to find me a seat and then it was beside the staircase – Not that pleasant looking up at people as they came and went (there were a LOT of people doing this). I went for some of the common staples of Chinese cooking (at my discretion) starting with an absolutely divine Hot and Soup soup – precisely seasoned and with more taste than you would find in lesser establishments. I followed this up with Shrimp Cheung Fung (not terribly tasty but one must expect it with this bland noodle dish), pork/shrimp steamed dumplings (average) and deep-fried cuttle-fish balls (my alternate choice since my first choice, squid, was not available). All were definitely above average and the tea was absolutely incredible with more refills being required than I can remember. The service was not terribly frequent but when it did arrive it was very good and the staff are quite friendly. Price was as you might expect in such an upper-class Chinese restaurant but not unbelievable. A fantastic experience and one that I am looking to repeat, perhaps with a visit in the evening to sample their extensive evening menu.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2006-04-14

Cuisine: Chinese

Address: 34 Princess Street, Manchester, England M1 4JY

Location: Manchester (England)



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Telephone: (0161) 236 2200