My Gambian House

This is just a bit of a guided tour of my house here in the Gambia.

Me Standing Outside of House

The house is in the corner of a compound that has three houses and another storage building. My house has it's own “courtyard” that has a door leading into the main area of the compound which then has a series of two doors leading to the street (we have to go through the front “courtyard” of the main house to get to the main gate).

Compound Cats

This is the resident compound cat family, with daughter, father and mother (left to right). The small daughter cat is the most friendly, the others will run away if you approach them. My VSO neighbours feed them so in this picture they are looking a bit hungry waiting to be fed.

Compound Cats (Normal Roosting Place)

They also like to perch on the internal compound walls.

Living Room

This is my living room – small but quite nice. The carpet I got in Banjul, the chairs and table are from VSO and the bookcase I purchased from my VSO neighbours. Conveniently the telephone is here as well.

Dining Area

On the other side of the living room there is a dining area. The table cloth is from the Bakau market.


My kitchen complete with gas stove and electric fridge. The window on the right looks out into the main compound courtyard.


My bedroom, which has taken some time to finish. I am particularly fond of the curtains and bedspread which I had made to match (courtesy of a VSO friend). Off to the left of this room is the toilet and shower.

Outside of Compound

This is a picture of my compound from the street (Mosque Road). The compound is in front of the parked car.