Janjanbureh Camp

Welcome to Janjanbureh Camp (Bar and Restaurant area)

Janjanbureh Camp is located on the north bank of the river north of the town. To get there you go to the end of the dock beside the German Forestry Camp and wave your hands in the air until someone from the camp sees you and sends over their boat.

Facilities are quite basic with no electricity though they have running water. Monkeys spoiled by tourists pose a bit of a problem as they will often try to steal food from your plate while you are eating. All food at the camp comes from the village on the other side of the river and it is not uncommon that basic ingredients will not be available at the camp warranting an excursion by the staff to the island for supplies (though it should be noted that even the island will often run out and a trip to, much farther away, Bansang is necessary.

One of the Camp Huts

There are a number of rooms in huts in the camp. All rooms are the same price though it is recommended that you take one of the huts that contains a single room since the main hut has very small, older rooms.

Inside a Camp Room (Larger Hut)

At night the staff will place oil lanterns throughout the camp including one in front of each of the rooms. It is recommended that you take extra care when using them in your room (mosquito nets, standard in each room, are VERY flammable).

View of the Riverbank at the Camp

There is not much to do in the camp other than reading, eating and perhaps taking a quick swim in the river (it moves very fast here so be careful, but it is quite safe).

Janjanbureh camp can be reached by telephone at +220 495 526.