Sindola Safari Lodge

Welcome to Sindola

Sindola Safari Lodge is essentially a hotel located very close to the Senegal border at the home town of the president - Kanilai. The lodge is run by the management of the Kairaba Hotel (located on the west coast in the tourist area). The Kairaba Hotel can arrange transportation (it is a three hour drive from the coastal area) in their personal, air conditioned, bus.

The Sindola Huts (grouped by the names of the various ethnic groups of the country)

Getting to Sindola is a bit surreal as you pass through the unremarkable village of Kanilai (unremarkable, that is, except for the street lights!) and then enter the haven that is the hotel with it's lawns and air-conditioning… This is definitely NOT the REAL Gambia…

There is a swimming pool (poorly kept when I visited) and a number of other (minor) amusements. The food is quite good, served in a “bantaba” setting.

The Rooms at Sindola

The rooms are what you would expect from any hotel including electricity, air conditioning but no hot water.

A Tranquil Spot for Doing Nothing

Sindola Safari Lodge can be reached either by telephone at +220 483 415 or (via the Kairaba Beach Hotel) at +220 462 940 (by web at, by e-mail at