Kombos Area Restaurant Reviews

The following are some reviews of some of the local restaurants in the Kombos area of The Gambia.

  • The Butcher Shop - (Fajara) The Butcher Shop is exactly what you might expect – A butcher shop but it also serves excellent, if quite expensive, meals. Their breakfasts are particularly good as are their fresh-squeezed juices. They have quite a varied menu but be sure to check their local specials (which may not be available in the “off season”). 130 Kairaba Avenue (near Atlantic Road) Telephone: 449 5069 Rating: * * * 1/2
  • Calypso's Beach Bar and Grill - (Cape Point) Formerly a good place to go for a meal, now only the drinks are worth it. Located at Cape Point Calypso's is right on the beach and has some wonderful, small, bantabas where you can sit and watch the ocean – or, you can go into their “tree house” and have something to eat. In recent years they have changed owners and the menu has doubled in price and they have removed most items of interest and left essentially nothing. Rating: * 1/2
  • Chez Fadel's - (Kanifing) Providing a basic Lebanese menu of Chawarmas and various grilled meats (including chicken) this is one of the best places for fast food in The Kombos. Also be sure to try the bakery next door which will also bake a pizza for you – Mediterranean style. Fadel's is located on the road opposite the Kairaba Avenue mosque. Rating: * * * *
  • Chinese Bamboo Garden - (Fajara) The Bamboo Garden offers some of the best Chinese food in the country in some of the most tranquil surroundings – which can be browsed in leisure as you wait for your food since you will be doing a LOT of that. Offering a wide assortment of appetisers and main course it is not uncommon for the staff to bring the wrong dishes hours after it was (not) ordered. The restaurant is located a few blocks south of Kairaba Avenue. Telephone: 4494 213 Rating: * * * 1/2
  • The Clay Oven - (Fajara) The Clay Oven is well known locally for providing some of the best Indian food (if not THE best) in the country – It is also known for being one of the most expensive restaurants. Located just off of Atlantic Road near the British High Commission, The Clay Oven offers a wide choice of items with good service (though this suffers when they get busy – which is often) and fantastic surroundings. Reservations are STRONGLY recommended. Telephone: 4496 600 Rating: * * * *
  • Coconut Residence (Restaurant) - (Kololi) Coconut Residence has the reputation of being the most expensive restaurant in the country offering fantastic service along with all the anticipated comforts (linen, silverware, etc). Coconut Residence is located on the new road just outside of the Senegambia strip. Fantastic surroundings providing everything you would expect from the most expensive restaurant including fantastic service and great food using local ingredients. Note that there have been mixed reviews when their chef is on holidays… Rating: * * * * 1/2
  • Come-Inn - (Kanifing) The Come-Inn is very popular with those wanting a cheap drink but not those actually wanting quality food. They do offer a very European (particularly Scandinavian) menu but this is not what most clientèle actually want. Located near the Post Office on Kairaba Avenue. Rating: * * *
  • Francisco's Restaurant - (Fajara) Francisco's is well known for it's excellent seafood and charming surroundings – The tables are set in amongst a lush, enclosed, garden in amongst small covered “bantabas”. The menu is quite limited and moderately priced. Telephone: 495 332 Rating: * * * *
  • Le Palais du Chocolate - (Kanifing) Palais is extremely popular locally for providing the best ice-cream in the country along with a fantastic selection of sweet and savoury pastries. They offer a small menu including both English and French breakfasts. The restaurant is located on Kairaba Avenue near the Kairaba Avenue Mosque. Rating: * * * * 1/2
  • Leybato Restaurant - (Fajara) This is a local favourite with the volunteer crowd for both the food and the view. Located right on the beach at the end of Kairaba Avenue (and down a tortuous dirt road) Leybato offers a wide assortment of fast food including burgers, sandwiches and chips. Open 24 hours. Telephone: 4497 186 Rating: * * * 1/2
  • Malawi Guest House - (Kanifing) The Malawi Guest House offers a fantastic assortment of home- made English food as well as a terrific buffet on Friday nights complete with grill, desserts, and entertainment. The prices are VERY reasonable and the service quite good. Worth a look are also the various assortment of home-made jams and chutney's on offer. Malawi Guest House is located a few blocks north of Kairaba Avenue just behind the Peace Corps offices. Telephone: 4393 012 Rating: * * * *
  • Mama's - (Fajara) Mama's is well known in The Kombos for their reasonably priced buffets every night though their menu (and breakfasts) are also quite good as well. Located at the junction of Kairaba and Atlantic road. The African (typically the “surprise” buffet) is NOT recommended, however. Rating: * * *
  • MacFadi's - (Kanifing) MacFadi's is located on Kairaba Avenue almost opposite to the American embassy and offers everything you can think of in terms of fast-food including pizza, fried chicken, burgers, chips, etc. The surroundings are what you might expect from any fast-food chain the world over and the quality is quite good. The prices are moderate and the air-conditioning divine… Rating: * * * *
  • Ngala Lodge (Restaurant) - (Fajara) Ngala Lodge is another restaurant with a reputation of being quite expensive and very exclusive. The view of the ocean from their cliff-top dining area is fantastic as is the menu. The menu is very French and moderately expensive. Most nights a terrific live (local) band is in attendance providing just the right tone for the setting. Reservations are recommended. Telephone: 4497 672/4494 045 Rating: * * * *
  • The Plaza - (Fajara) The sign outside of this small restaurant on Kairaba Avenue suggests that it is a “pleasant surprise” and I think I can agree with that. The menu is very good with the emphasis on seafood (reports are that the few meat dishes are to be avoided anyway). The glass tables are arranged outside around a small bar but they are not really practical as there is no way you can tuck the chairs under the table making you have to lean over to eat. The prices are not the cheapest but they are a long way from being the most expensive. A definite recommendation is the fresh juice and the Plaza “Seafood Surprise” which is very good and not just fish as the menu suggests. Definitely a highlight on the food scene of The Gambia. The restaurant gets very busy for dinner so either come earlier or attempt a reservation. Note: The owner of The Plaza also owns “Michel's” in Banjul (see the review on my Banjul pages). Rating: * * * * 1/2
  • Weezo's Restaurant and Bar - (Fajara) Wheezo's is another high-priced restaurant but this time serving up the best Mexican food in the country. This, however, is only in the evening, during lunch they offer a wide assortment of much more reasonably priced, smaller, dishes including some fantastic sandwiches. The restaurant is located on Kairaba Avenue just before it reaches Atlantic Road. The cocktail menu is notorious for being incredibly expensive (by Gambian standards). Telephone: 4496 918 Rating: * * * *