High Street

Chester is one of the oldest cities in England and is one of the few examples of a walled city still remaining. One of the great attractions in Chester is to walk around the city walls (a few miles, but possible in about an hour or so) as well as wander through it's high street lined with tudor-style buildings. If you plan to visit for the day do take advantage of the “Park and Ride” service offered by the local council as parking in the city itself can be VERY expensive.

Chester City Walls High Street

The High Street is nothing to write home about in terms of what stores are there (typical chain stores) but the architecture is worth the visit. Interesting is the walk along inside the buildings on the first floor level which gives a unique perspective on the cobbled streets below.

Chester High Street (from East Gate)

The Chester Cathedral can be visited free of charge (though there is fairly high pressure to donate).

Chester Cathedral

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