Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre

Monkey World is primarily an Ape Rescue Centre but it does have substantial visitor facilities including (free) parking, child play areas, fast food, paths and regular talks by the keepers. Do not necessarily expect a lot of variety here as what is available to see very much depends on recent acquisitions and activities of the centre.

What To See and Do

There is a fair amount to see so getting there early is a must though be aware that the paths are windy and steep in parts. The souvenir shop is packed full of tacky gifts if you are interested with very little in terms of any real content (such as details on conservation) - Lots of stuffed monkeys, key-rings, posters, and mugs if you want them!

I would highly recommend you make an effort to hear some of the talks that are given every hour in different areas of the park. Do also make an effort to read about each of the animals on display as they all have quite interesting stories.

I am a big fan of ring-tailed lemurs so I had to visit the walk-through display where the animals are literally within arm distance (though don't touch!). They are very active too so always interesting to simply stop and watch their antics.

What is good to see is that the enclosures for the animals are massive and intellectually stimulating - Filled with amazing climbing structure. The animals also have the choice of being outside or inside, as they wish, and often enclosures of the same animals are joined with mesh tube walkways allowing them to walk over your head as you visit.

Getting Here

Monkey World is located on a small road just north of Wool, about midway between Poole and Dorchester in Dorset (see their web site for precise details). The only real option is to drive…


Quite a bit different than a zoo with instead of the focus being put on the visitor, the focus here is largely on the welfare of the animals. The love of the workers here for their job is very much in evidence. It is worth spending a day here but be aware that there are a large number of children here as this is generally seen as a children's type of activity - a shame since I think that it is of interest to people of any age. Come and see the monkeys!