Isle of Skye


Great Britain - Isle of Skye

Coastline of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a magnet for tourists for it's spectacular scenery and peaceful tranquillity. Obviously, this means it is not necessarily a good time to visit in the summer though the weather is good (and the midges are DEFINITELY biting).

The main city on the island is Portree which is full of quaint shops but can be very busy particularly during the summer Highland Games held here.

Getting Around

Towards the Mainland from the Isle of Skye Bridge

The island can be accessed by car from the mainland via a bridge. There used to be a toll for using this bridge but it is now free. Access is also possible by ferries (though they can be quite expensive). Many of the roads are single lanes with “passing places” (bulges in the road that allow cars to pull over to allow traffic from the opposite direction, or behind, to pass). It is recommended that a certain degree of caution be used when driving…

Some of the Rather Scary Single-Track Roads

There is a local bus service but I would not count on this too much. Biking is also possible though the way some of the tourists drive on the single-track roads (with “passing places”) I would not trust it too much.


There are a number of particular highlights that I can recommend.



Generally a busy tourist town (including tourist information) but with a few nice places to eat and is definitely very pretty.

Old Man of Storr

Old Man of Storr

A large rock essentially balanced on end on the top of a small mountain. Worth the 30 minute walk up (though can be VERY wet and windy in bad weather, so dress appropriately).

The view from the top.

View from the Top of Old Man of Storr

Kilt Rock

Kilt Rock (and Waterfalls)

A wonderful formation of cliffs shaped in such a way that give it it's name. Perhaps of even more interest are the numerous cliff walks all around the area. Drive a bit past Kilt Rock and pull off into one of the numerous car parks for a bit of a wander.

Just Down from Kilt Rock


Roadside Waterfall

From Duntuim Castle (on the north coast) Looking Along Coast

View of Uig

Some Interior Landscape

The Road

Further Information

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