Vancouver - Monday, September 2, 1996

On my way home.

Not really looking forward to going home, a week is not enough time (or am I repeating myself, I seem to recall something I said very similar…). Woke up very early this morning to return the car and get to the airport, I did not realize that I did not have to go through customs until first point of contact with Canada. So, I was at LAX for a good little while, I amused myself by having breakfast and reading a LA Times. I seem to be quite good at getting myself around the freeways now, I had no trouble at all getting to the car rental return (OK, so I had a map). I tried to take my time, looking around at the various places I passed.

It was amusing as I passed through the Long Beach area (north of it) because of all the refineries, one of the futurist industrial (decay) scenes shown in the movie from last night was inspired by the exact same area. It never really sunk in that southern California is a hotbed for oil production. It is surprising to see the oil wells all along the freeways.

The plane ride from Los Angeles to here was quite interesting, in that we went over a lot of places I have only heard of, like Yosemite National Park, which was covered with smoke from the nearby forest fires. Not until mother mentioned it was I aware of the forest fires north of Los Angeles, the thing is they are WELL north of LA and LA is VERY big and I was south, so very little chance of seeing anything though I did when I was at the beach a few days ago.

Every parking lot I entered in the area (speaking of beaches) all had one way tire traps, that is, if you go over them in one direction no problem, but if you go the wrong way you basically rip the rubber of your tire rims. It is quite scary, very when you go over the first time. The first time I saw them was on one of my yearly trips to Los Vegas, they had them all over the place. I don't know if I will go again this year. I guess I could explain, I visit a Computer Show there, the “largest” in the world (well, really, one in Europe is, but you know how some Americans can be (JOKE! Honest!)). The thing is that this show is for dealers and I really don't fall within that category. I am certainly familiar with the technology but I am not interested in, reselling anything like that. So, I end up (so they will talk to me) telling them I am a reseller (which is, to a point, true) and I get all of this literature which I read but I can't order anything because I have no current use for it. It just gets tiring, I can read about much, if not all, of it in the computer journals that are published, if I had time. I couldn't tell you what the newest features of X software was and nor do I really care because I don't have to. I have no use for it at this point in my career.

We also passed over Reno and Lake Tahoe, very dry looking area, though I imagine a lot like Los Vegas – dry all around, lush inside.

Between bouts of sleeping on the plane I was thinking about what I want to do, I believe I will take the advice being offered and sell the house in the spring and move, to where? That is a good question, England seems like a big move, but perhaps. Also in the back of my mind is Los Angeles (or the area), there are a lot of smaller areas just outside, like Anaheim, that are similar to Winnipeg except with the big city advantage. Now, the reader may be cynical about my attitude with my proposal from last year about working for half a year in England starting this coming January. Well, I think the reason I would like to move to either place is that they are larger, and all have new things to see. Winnipeg, is an island. After Winnipeg, there is nothing. Because of this, I have turned inwards or onto the Internet to talk to others around the world sitting at home at my desk. I must get out and do things, I am finding, I am getting very bored of Winnipeg, there is nothing new, I feel, for me there. Whereas, in both England and LA, there are lots of places to see, new people to meet, new experiences. The difference between the two is that LA is a lot closer. I could do the same as with England, get a six month working permit, and see what develops.

I have to divest myself of some of the things that are holding me back, namely my house and many of my possessions (read: books). Having said that, I am bringing back with me a rather large box full of books, mind you, they are books I will keep as they are hard-cover, signed, first editions. Don't have many of those.

I am still thrilled that I shook Buzz Aldrin's hand. It is so weird, I did not realize that it would effect me like this. He is inspirational, for goodness sake, just do it! He says that he did little in his life to get to where he did, but the little he did (that is, getting off his chair) put him to where he is today. An everyday person.

I had to grab some sushi here at the airport, ever since I first tried it about six months ago, I try to have it as often as I can (and afford it). This airport, I still believe, is the nicest and most efficient airport I have been in, true, it is a bit spread out though the new Terminal 3 in Toronto is much more spread out (once you get through the gates). There are so many things to do here, the ability to go shopping and have your choice of where to eat, with NON hamburger/sandwich meals (e.g. sushi).

I am sitting here, typing at my departure gate, about an hour and a half early, I look to my right and I see the mountains just north of Vancouver not that far away. My grandmother in Toronto has indicated at one time that- I should explore Canada first before moving abroad, I would suggest, with the exception of the East Coast and northern areas, I have. But that is to say, if I do move away, there is no telling that I will not come back. For sure I will, not only for family, for myself.

I am dreading the winter, it is so cold in Winnipeg. Every day (excepting this morning) in LA was sunny and warm, weather when you can actually get out and do things, now in Winnipeg, we are having our last warm-ish weather before the thermometer dips to winter lows again. In LA, you never have to wear more than a sweater for the cold they get. I like to think that I am tough but I must admit that Winnipeg's winter does slow you down, it is difficult to get up and go out every morning when you know that the car will not start easily and after it does, you may not be able to see much out the windows. The warm weather makes life a bit easier. Forget about career in Winnipeg, I am just trying to get to work in the winter!

So, no answers, but more options, that is my biggest problem right now, the question is: which option? In my opinion though, I believe that I have to first make myself portable then decide where to go, as making myself portable will take some time. I will have lots of time between now and then to decide.

What about my sister? I don't know, I am so upset with that situation. When she called the other night and indicated to me that she did not know if she could pick me up from the airport as she was going out, I was disgusted. Why? Well, I think it was because it seemed to me to be a cop out, or laziness, I just told her “You will figure something out.” when she kept asking me what to do. I (and mother also admits) have really protected her, it will be difficult to release her into the real world. This is another problem. I am concerned for her also, she depends on me so much. I think that this time away is also good for her as she gets a taste of freedom (without having to worry about mortgage, bills, etc.).

The plane leaves in about one hour and fifty minutes. Back to the grind. Hopefully, back to the future. I just have to hold strong, have a goal and go for it!