Review of 'Godzilla vs. Kong'

godzilla_vs_kong.jpg Following 2019's “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, 2017's Kong: Skull Island, and 2014's Godzilla (I hope you were paying attention), “Godzilla vs Kong” starts by showing the once “friendly” Godzilla mysteriously attacking the Pensacola “Apex Corporation” facility. Kong and Godzilla are considered the last remaining “Titans” of earth, with Kong now contained by the “Monarch” organization in a large dome on Skull island. Jia (Kaylee Hottle), Kong's young friend and last island native, is able to communicate with Kong via sign language. Jia relates to her adapted mother Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) that Kong is sad being a prisoner on the island and wants to go “home”. Former Apex employee Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry) hosts a Titan conspiracy podcast which school girl Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) religiously follows. With the help of Madison's friend Josh (Julian Dennison) and his brother's van the three attempt to sneak into the destroyed Apex facility to see what is really happening only to be transported to Hong Kong where they discover the rather large secret the corporation is hiding…Meanwhile, Kong is sedated and transported by ship to the south pole. Former scientist now “Hollow Earth” theorist Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård) believes the “underworld” has a massive power source and that Kong will take them directly to it, but Godzilla is on his way sensing the weakened Kong…

Yes, there is a lot of action here with quite a few brawls between the two titans including an incredible finale in Hong Kong (someone who made this film REALLY doesn't like this city…). The plot is somewhat far-fetched though, come on, a 100 foot ape is not far-fetched in the first place? But are we really here for plot or massive carnage? I think we all know the answer to that one. Having said, that, it is a reasonably interesting plot, such as it is, and it does set the scene for the big action sequences though maybe it is a bit TOO complicated. Despite the pandemic, this film really deserves to be seen on the big screen, as I was able to do, with the massive screen, load sound system (feeling the rumble of Kong's breath…), really makes this film something that needs to be experienced writ large. Having to release the film on the small screen first is a bit of a tragedy.

The effects, as you might expect, are brilliant and utterly believable. The two monsters look great as do the sets including the beautifully realized “Hollow Earth”. The acting is reasonable as well though nuance here is generally limited to Jia's relationship with Kong, everyone else is simply reacting to the action around them (Kaylee Hottle as Jia is brilliant, by the way, completely in the role and incredibly convincing). Millie Bobby Brown as the self-assured, and dominating Madison will be familiar to fans of “Stranger Things” so is familiar with the unusual (!) so this is perhaps not too much of a stretch for her acting talents.

It will be interesting to see if they continue with the “Titan” franchise and what this might bring. “Godzilla vs. Kong” is a big, block-buster of a film that does not cheat fans of what they want to see. See it on a big screen, seriously…but wear a mask!

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2021-06-05

Directed by: Adam Wingard

Studio: Legendary Entertainment

Year: 2021

Length: 113 minutes

Genre: Action/Adventure

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