Review of 'I Lost My Body (J'ai perdu mon corps)'

i_lost_my_body.jpg A severed hand lies in the gutter. Twitching to live it scurries through the streets looking for it's owner. Naoufel (voiced in English by Dev Patel, originally Hakim Faris) is a pizza delivery boy who falls for a customer Gabrielle (voiced in English by Alia Shawkat, originally Victoire Du Bois) who he talks to via an intercom. Tracking her down he meets her uncle Gigi (voiced in English by George Wendt of “Cheers” fame, originally by Patrick d'Assumçao) and, seeing an advertisement in the window, convinces Gigi that he should be made apprentice as an excuse for being there. Gigi reluctantly agrees and Naoufel works hard to become a carpenter, never mentioning to Gabrielle how he first met and tracked her down for fear of frightening her away. Building an igloo for Gabrielle, Naoufel hopes to win her over but the truth will come knocking…as will the hand.

A charming easy-going character study that just happens to feature an animated severed hand. The animation is superb - dynamic, colourful and real at the same time. A short time into the film and we really are willing on Naoufel in his youthful pursuit of Gabrielle but troubled at the dark meaning of the hand we keep seeing scarpering about the streets, alone and and desperate. Whose is it? Will it find it's owner? Mid way through most will have figured it out but it still comes as a tragic surprise when the secret is revealed.

By the way, do not expect a Hollywood ending. Just saying.

A odd yet warm, human story of youthful love told in a wonderful animation style. Perhaps a bit overlong but I prefer to think of it as a measured pace taking just what it needs to convey the story and the emotions.

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2022-12-11

Directed by: Jérémy Clapin

Studio: Xilam

Year: 2019

Length: 81 minutes

Genre: Animation