Review of 'Zombieland: Double Tap'

zombieland_double_tap.jpg A decade after the events of Zombieland see psycho Zombie-killer Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), OCD rule-making Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), free-spirited but tough Wichita (Emma Stone), and her younger sister Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) living in the White House. When Columbus gets a bit too personal for Wichita the two women leave in a souped-up version of the president's car “The Beast”. Distraught at the loss of Wichita, Columbus soon finds himself in the arms of a young, ditzy woman “Madison” (Zoey Deutch) they find holed up at a local mall. Wichita returns to the White House to tell the group that Little Rock has left with a new-age pacifist Berkeley (Avan Jogia) to Graceland seeking out a peaceful commune called “Babylon”. Along the way they discover there is a new breed of Zombie on the loose: The “T-800” – Faster and much more difficult to kill and there are is a whole bunch of them headed their way.

“Double Tap” continues along the same vein of the original film with the same ironic sarcasm and gratuitous violence though now the stakes are higher as the group start to develop emotional attachments to one another, yes, even Tallahassee who seems to have gone off his obsession with Twinkie's but instead craves nothing more than to see Graceland. The special affects budget appears to have increased as well with some amazing set pieces such as the White House and the high rise structure of “Babylon” never mind the huge hordes of Zombies the group have to blow away.

The irony continues to drip everywhere here including a bit where the group meet another group of four travellers whose members pretty much exactly mirror their own in personality and temperament including a surprising cameo by Silicon Valley star “Thomas Middleditch” as “Flagstaff”, playing true to type as a neurotic pedant, echoing, of course, Columbus. On the subject of cameos, be sure to stick around during the credits for a brief sequence showing how Bill Murray was first exposed to the Zombie invasion in suitable Murray-esque style at a press junket for “Garfield 3”.

I guess I am getting use the incredible violence but this one I found more entertaining than the first with much more of a story, my caring much more for the characters, and getting into the sheer ridiculousness of the whole thing. Massively violent and gory “fun”…get out the popcorn.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2021-10-31

Directed by: Ruben Fleischer

Studio: 2.0 Entertainment

Year: 2019

Length: 99 minutes

Genre: Horror

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