Review of 'The Bucket List'

bucket_list.jpg Wealthy corporate billionaire Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) finds himself diagnosed with cancer and in one of his own hospitals where he shares a room with car mechanic Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) who faces a similar diagnosis. Each given a year to live they decide to work their way through a “Bucket List” - A list of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket”, starting with skydiving…Travelling around the world in Cole's private jet with his long suffering assistant Thomas (Sean Hayes) Cole and Cater discover a long-forgotten zest for living but sooner or later reality will coming knocking…

An amazingly touching film featuring two greats of the screen that is guaranteed to have you crying at one point or another but, ultimately, this is a celebration and affirmation of life with a great deal of fun thrown in. Nicholson and Freeman are in top form with their banter a continual source of amusement – Nicholson the cranky single billionaire who stubbornly refuses to accept what is happening to him and Freeman the married working class man calmly accepting his fate, yet feeling like he is missing something…

The story is great as it exposes a number of truths that many people refuse to face in their lives. Sure, it is a bit over the top in parts but that just gives freedom for the two starts to run rampant and light up the screen with their antics. The dialog is sharp, often witty and even more often, extremely touching.

A warm film, a lot of fun but also terribly poignant…what good cinema should be.

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2019-09-23

Directed by: Rob Reiner

Studio: Warner Bros.

Year: 2007

Length: 97 minutes

Genre: Melodrama