Review of 'Star Trek'

star_trek.jpg The latest in the Star Trek films see J.J. Abrams sprinkling some of his magic dust on the somewhat languishing franchise.

This is Star Trek but not as we know it. Abrams has taken us back to the beginnings of Kirk and his crew aboard the Enterprise…or, in this case, when they first meet at Starfleet Academy. By using a mechanism familiar to Science Fiction fans (though I will not spoil the surprise here) Abrams has changed history and put us into unfamiliar territory allowing him freedom to tell the story anew. And what a story it is – Kirk is a rebellious failure, his father, as captain of a starship, dying (seconds after Kirk is born) saving his crew from a Romulan crazed for revenge after Romuluous is destroyed . Growing up, Kirk befriends McCoy who then helps secure his place on-board the Enterprise, captained by Spock. Of course, the Romulan returns looking for…Spock? Why is he after Spock?

The action never lets up with the young cast lending a new take on this old series. Perhaps a bit too much action with the trade-mark Abrams' shaky-camera cinema-verit� approach causing this viewer a bit of headache. But, the headache is forgotten in light of the fun and adventure presented on the screen. No expense has been spared on effects and the story is, thankfully, quite elaborate and satisfying.

The acting only descends into (marginal) parody with Checkov (though, arguably, parodying the laughable original is hardly a parody) and Scotty (admittedly, in this case it is a much truer accent than Dohan ever managed). Kirk is played quite straight with hand-to-hand action very much present in the original series. Though the actors certainly are trying to be younger versions of their famous namesakes they do so in a respectful and playful manner.

A welcome re-awakening of Star Trek. Long may it continue.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2009-05-10

Directed by: J.J. Abrams

Studio: Bad Robot

Year: 2009

Length: 126 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

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