Banff is beautiful and due to the fact that many tourists come to visit it also has a surprising number and variety of restaurants. Contrary to popular belief it is also possible to eat cheaply too. You do not have to eat at one of the big chain restaurants that are in residence, a bit of a wander and you will stumble across something a bit more interesting.


Grizzly House

There are a number of restaurants that have been here for a long time and are my favourites including:

  • Grizzly House (207 Banff Avenue; +1 403-762-4055) known for serving meats you would not normally eat such as rattlesnake, caribou, ostrich, etc. A bit pricey (and gimmicky) but the food is quite good.
  • Seoul Country Korean Restaurant (215 Banff Ave in the Town Centre Mall; +1 403-762-4941; see for details) - I have found this is pretty good at good prices though I note there are mixed reviews…
  • Magpie & Stump (203 Caribou St., just off Banff Avenue; +1 403-762-4067) - Though a bit touristy and noisy, serves up some very filling Mexican food (or at least, the Canadian approximation).

There are other Japanese restaurants that have come and gone, though there always tends to be at least a couple of sushi and ramen places on offer tucked away in one of the malls on Banff Avenue.

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