Republic of Ireland

Ireland is a island of two halves – Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom) and the Republic of Ireland in the south (part of the European Union). Home to some wonderful countryside and some even more wonderful people. The capital of the republic is Dublin.

This is a small guide to a few of the areas I have visited and some information on how to see and enjoy them.


Ferry from Anglesey

Generally there are many international flights to Dublin as well as regular ferry service from Wales and England. If you arrive in Dublin be aware that to get out of the city from the ferry terminal to the north you will need to go on a toll road (M50) that is quite expensive during peak hours.

To see the country you will really want to have a car to get around otherwise public transport can be difficult. There are a number of toll roads and some do not have toll plazas where you must pay within a day online or risk a fine, so be alert. For tourists there are several tourist routes around the island that are well worth following such as the “Wild Atlantic Way” on the west coast as well as the famous Ring of Kerry in County Kerry

Pictures from September 2023 Visit

My mother and I visited Llandudno (Wales), then took a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin up to Belfast in Northern Ireland then along the north coast around to Londonderry (Derry) down to the Republic of Ireland though Galway, Killarney, Cork, and Waterford between September 9th and 17th, 2023.


Further Information

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