The largest country in the world spanning two continents, Europe and Asia. Up until only recently Russia has been a place of great mystery due to it largely being off-limits to western tourists. It has been a place I have long wanted to visit and, in particular, St. Petersburg.

As you might expect, the people of Russia are like people anywhere else: For the most part welcoming and friendly.

Practical Information

Visas You need a tourist Visa to visit Russia, however, for those arriving on cruise ships to selected ports (such as St. Petersburg) there is a waiver to grant entry if you arrive and can prove you have booked a guided tour.
Currency Ruble (RUB) though tourist areas will often accept Euros or US Dollars
Language Russian (in the bigger tourist areas they speak English but don't expect a lot of English signage)
Climate Varied from cold in the north (Siberia!) and quite warm on the south (the Baltic)

Further Information

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