Wey Canal (Near Send)

Wey Canal

The Wey Canal winds it's way from the Weybridge on the Thames in the north down to the English Channel though much of the canal is inaccessible to pedestrians or even boat traffic (after Godalming the river is not navigable by most boats).

  • The Wey and Godalming Naviations are owned and cared for by the National Trust. The Trust aims to preserve the peaceful, unspoilt character of the Navigations, which is so important for both visitors and wildlife, whilst maintaining them as working waterways for pleasure craft.
  • From the National Trust brochure “Boating on the River Wey Navigations”

There is a pedestrian path that leads up from Godalming through Guildford and further north. This is a wonderful walk through the countryside and various farmer's fields. Quiet, rural…

Boats can be rented at most towns along the canal on a daily or weekly basis. The canal boats include onboard cooking, and sleeping areas in addition to television and other convieniences. This does tend to be a bit expensive though.

The Wey meets the Basingstoke Canal at (below) the M25, just to the east of West Byfleet.

The Wey Canal meets the Basingstoke Canal (Looking Upstream - Wey on left, Basingstoke on right)

The Wey Canal passes below the M25

The canal continues all the way until it reaches the Thames at Weybridge where an old lock (complete with lock house and small museum) are the last stops on the Wey.

The Wey Canal meets the Thames (Wey on the left, Thames on the right)

Pictures from the Path

Farncombe Boat House (near Godalming)

Farncombe is located right near Godalming and is a popular place along the canal. The boat house serves light meals by the canal and boats can also be rented (both canal boats as well as small paddle boats).

Farncombe - Near the boathouse - One of the many locks along the canal operated by hand

Farncombe - Near the boathouse

The Wey winds it's way through the middle of Guildford though many people visiting tend to drive (literally) right over it.

Guildford - Near Dapdune Wharf (operated by The National Trust)

Guildford - On the other side of the river from the High Street

Beyond the towns though, there are many areas of quiet solitude.

Wey Canal (outside of Farncombe)

Wey Canal (between Guildford and Farncombe)

Heading north, the towns are few and far between as the canal winds it's way up to the Thames.

Wey Canal (Near New Haw)

Wey Canal (Mill Pond just west of Weybridge)

Wey just north of Guildford (Fall)

Near the Newark Dock (ruins of Newark Priory)

…And small towns…

Pyrford Dock (Just East of Woking)

Periodically there are events on the Wey, such as the Guildford Boat Festival.

Boats Moored for the Festival

Boats Along the Wey

The "Parade"

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