Caithness (Northern Highlands, Scotland)


A lovely little town with a small town centre and a lot of history.

There is a small tourist information agency on the waterfront with a small shop and it's own parking.

John O Groats

Commonly known as the most northern most point in mainland Britain, John O Groats is, perhaps, the most touristy of all destinations in the North of Scotland. Of course, as it commonly is with such things, the real location of the most northern point is several miles to the west but that does not stop the tourist coaches from arriving in their hundreds.

Lots of places to buy your lovely souvenirs. Be prepared to even pay for the privilege of using a toilet as well.

Boats also depart from the area to visit the Orkneys which are only a few miles away and are quite clearly visible in the distance. Day trips are also offered (and highly recommended).


A small little town set on the east coast of northern Scotland, Wick is an ancient town that retains something of it's long history yet mostly it has been overshadowed by the modern world with a seriously polluted river and dire town centre. There are some nice old buildings though.

Badbea Clearance Village

This is the remains of a small village on the east coast of Scotland just north of Helmsdale. Perched on the edge of the massive cliffs this was the home of farmers who were forcibly ejected from their ancestral home in the interior where they farmed. Landowners realised they could make more money raising sheep so moved the farmers to small villages like this in the middle of, let's face it, no where.