Review of 'Cafe Pacifico Covent Garden'

Tucked away on a side street in Covent Garden, Cafe Pacifico has restaurants in various cities around the world. I suppose you come here for the atmosphere with the wood floor, dim lighting and cantina atmosphere. A bit fake but it works quite well.

The complimentary small bowl of taco chips and salsa we received when we arrived was unexpected and well received (that is, devoured very quickly).

The menu is typical Tex-Mex with the expected tortilla chips, enchiladas (£8.25 to £11.50), tacos (£7.95 to £12.50), burritos (£9.95), and (rather expensive) fajitas (£14.95 to £16.95 for a single order and £24.95 to £32.95 for a double). The menu is split into appetisers, dinners (“modern Mexican”, “Especialidades de Pacifico”, and “Fajitas”), and side orders. The drink menu has an impressive number of offerings including, of course, a number of Tequilas, Margaritas and Mojitos. We had two non-alcoholic “frappe”s (£3.50) which were quite small but reasonably tasty.

I chose the “Burrito Especial” (£9.95) with, on the waiters recommendation, ground beef. It included refried beens (bland), and rice (bland also). The burrito itself was reasonably large and quite tasty but did not have a lot of beef in it (but lots more of those beans). My companion had the “Quesada Grande” (£9.95) with beef but was not impressed as she was not able to pick up what was, essentially, a large soft-shell taco. She said it was “OK but nothing to write home about.”

The service was a bit sporadic despite there being a lot of staff seemingly standing around and chatting…But we did get our food and, eventually, bill.

Not impressive but alright. This is old-school Tex Mex. If you want impressive for pretty much the same price try the nearby Wahaca or Lupita which is opposite Charing Cross.

Rating: “Not great, but not the worse”

Review Date: 2011-02-06

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 5 Langley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JA

Public Transport: TUBE Covent Garden

Location: London (England) - Covent Garden



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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7379 7728