Review of 'Pu's Brasserie'

I walk by this small restaurant every day and have heard that near Holborn there was a good Thai restaurant so I wanted to visit. It was disappointing. When we arrived the restaurant had just opened for dinner though there were no other customers until just before we left. The small interior is quite basic with only a few flowers to add colour. On the plus side, the staff were very pleasant if a bit hard to hear on occasion.

We ordered an appetiser of Tod Mun Pla (Thai fish cake; £5.95) which was quite nice (though glistening with oil when delivered to our table). I thought the dip was quite nice if a bit hot but my dinner companion liked the cakes by themselves. I found the cakes a bit bland. We ordered our mains from the early evening menu (having dishes in the £5-£10 range). I had a Pad Thai (with vermicelli) which was quite nice if, again, a bit bland. My companion ordered a spicy chicken noodle dish that was just too hot for her (though she is known for liking spicy). We did not order any dessert.

The menu is quite confusing. There are some set menus that seemed, to our eyes, very expensive (from £22.95 per person) though did offer a good number of dishes.

The experience was alright but I can't say we were wowed at all. Perhaps visit again or, more likely, somewhere else nearby.

Rating: “Average, but who wants to be average?”

Review Date: 2011-09-16

Cuisine: Thai

Address: 10 Gate Street, Holborn, London WC2A 3HP

Public Transport: TUBE Holborn

Location: London (England) - Holborn



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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7404 2126