Review of 'Slim Chickens'

A personal favourite

A lot of places we visit I walk by and go “that looks like a good place to eat” but then we never remember to go back so they stay unvisited. “Slim Chickens” was almost one to be classified that way but I was determined not to forget so I made sure I added it to my “want to visit” list so, sure enough, when we were in the area the other day we gave it a try. What intrigued me? Well, it is very much something from growing up in Canada: A no-nonsense but good quality fast food. In this case, of course, fried chicken and, specifically, “chicken tenders” (fried boneless chicken pieces).


The interior very much reminds me of Five Guys (though without the free peanuts and stacks of potatoes) crossed with a McDonald's or Burger King or fill-in-the-blank American fast food chain. The food, however, is very good indeed. It was not hugely busy midafternoon on a Saturday but it was enough that I kept an eye out to make sure we had a table inside (there are some tables on the pavement outside but it was chilly). The menu displayed above the counter is split into four: Tenders, Wings, Sandwiches, and Salads/Wraps. Each option comes in various sizes and as a meal (with bottomless drink and fries, oddly the tenders also come with “Texas toast” - if you did not have enough carbs already - though ours was missing when delivered to the table).

My companion ordered their signature “buttermilk-marinaded” chicken tenders meal (“Slims” size is five tenders for £5.95 plain or £9.45 meal, they have three and seven sizes as well) while I tried their “Cayenne Ranch Sandwich” meal (£5.45 plain, £8.95 meal). We were given a number to place on our table and our empty cups to help ourselves to drinks from the machines on the side of the room (dispensing Pepsi products I found my Cherry “Orange Tango” a bit odd…).


A short while later the food was delivered to the table, piping hot. The tenders were absolutely amazing - Crunchy, juicy and full of flavour. My companion chose the “slim sauce” and “honey bbq” dipping sauces (you get your choice of two from a list of 13) with the “slim sauce” being a bit odd (a mayo blend that just was not to our liking). The fries were delicious - Fresh and quite chunky but definitely fries, not chips.


My burger was very good but the chicken I found a bit drier than the tenders. The sauce was a bit messy as it trickled down the arm as well…The bun was fresh and very delicious - A good texture somewhere between hard as a rock and “squishes down to nothing”.

Blues Mural

Good fast food chicken that is by far and away better than KFC at a reasonable price as well. Definitely stick to the tenders (or perhaps try the wings…that is for our next visit!).

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2018-09-29

Cuisine: Hamburger Joint

Address: 31 James Street, London, W1U 1EA ENGLAND

Public Transport: TUBE Bond Street, Marble Arch

Location: London (England) - Mayfair



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Telephone: +44 (0) 2074861511