Berlin - A city under construction

Berlin is a city currently under construction with cranes everywhere you look but, tucked away on seemingly every corner are wonderful old museums and universities alongside the ever-expanding plethora of new buildings…

When visiting a good map is ESSENTIAL and typically tourists end up using a rather good map found in certain editions of the free brochure for “Severin + Kuhn Berliner” tours.


The following are some of the things to see and do in Berlin:

  • Checkpoint Charlie - Now a museum, this offers a great insight into how the wall effected the city, Germany and the world. Also on display are a large number of exhibits about human rights and environmental issues. Not terribly organized but there will definitely be something of interest to everyone (including the information about how people managed to cross the border between east and west Berlin). Checkpoint Charlie - Museum is in building on right
  • Reichstagsgebaude (Reichstag) - With it's recently completed dome (offering tremendous views of the city) this is the center of the German government. Free tours are available.

Inside the Reichstag Atrium

Further Information

For further information, please see:

  • Berlin Journal - My visit in Summer, 2000
  • Berlin Programm (German) - What's on in Berlin (Opera, Theatre, Concerts, Restaurants…)
  • Berlin S-Bahn Information (German) - A guide to the S-Bahn (cross-city) train system
  • Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH (German and English) - Great source of free literature about the city (not much is available). Ask to be sent a copy of The Berlin Magazine (you will have to pay for it) which lists all sorts of events and information about the city.
  • Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) (German and English) - Berlin Transit Authority
  • DEAG Entertainment (German and SOME English) - Home of the Winter Garten Variety Show (THE show in Berlin)
  • Severin + Kuhn Sightseeing Berliner (German and English) - A tour company offering “hop-on-hop-off” tour buses with recorded information in 8 languages (including english). Brochures are available at most hotels.
  • Stern Und Kreis (German and SOME English) - Offering tours of Berlin from the water (some tours also in English).