Alicante is a big resort city on the south east coast of Spain, south of Valencia with a history

What to See

In addition to the beaches there are a number of churches and monuments that are worth a visit but, to be honest, just wander around.

Castell de la Santa Bàrbara (Santa Bárbara Castle)

The view from the castle is absolutely amazing but it is quite a climb to get up to it (parking is available nearby). Entrance is free but there is a small fee for guided tours.

Official web site:

Hogueras (Bonfires)

I was lucky enough to visit during the annual “Hogueras” or bonfires festival which occurs June 20-24 every year where incredible cartoon-like sculptures are put to the torch.

Crowds are, as you might expect, very big during this time but the atmosphere is quite fun with musicians on the street, food stalls, and lots to see.

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Where to Eat

It is difficult to walk more than 10 meters without being accosted by restaurants wanting you to come and try their food. I would suggest find somewhere outside where it looks like there are not too many tourists and the menu is primarily seafood…and it is not overpriced. Difficult as it may be, it is possible. Better still, venture outside of the city centre and get a more realistic view of Alicante.

Getting Around

Getting around is relatively easy with a number of local buses and the central area of the city is easily walkable. For those wanting to drive, parking can be tricky though there are a number of large car parks on or near the road along the water (the N-332) which are generally attended (ticket on entry, pay on departure).

The large “Alicante Airport” (ALC) is located about 20 minutes to south, mid way between Alicante and eliche. Car rentals are available here as well as frequent bus service into the city. There is a large car park here as well.

Official tour guides offer free (pay what you like) 2 1/2 hour English walking tours of the city, pre-booking is required at (they also offer paid tours of attractions such as the castle).

Further Information

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