Compared to the nearby Alicante, Elche is much less touristy but is worth a visit. Located about 25 minutes by car to the west of Alicante, Elche is a sleepy residential town.


The town sits on either side of the Rio (river) Vinalopó which is also a large (free) park area that in the dry season is decorated with paint. The main tourist and commercial areas are to the east of the river, while the more residential areas are to the west.

What to See

Torre de la Calahorra

The main tourist area is around the palm grove with the basilica to the south.

Palacio de Altamira (Altamira Palace)

The palace also houses an archaeological museum and is located across the street from the basilica.

El Palmeral (Palm Grove)

From Basilica Entrance

The palm grove is a World Heritage site and the most popular attraction in Elche and it is free to boot. Inside there are various play areas for children, quiet benches to contemplate the beauty of the trees as well as various architectural features.

Crooked Shadows

Contrary to what you might think, the palm grove is actually a series of 97 different orchards containing about 70,000 date palms with the largest orchard being just north of the Basilica.


Santa María Basilica of Elche


The Santa María Basilica is the central church of Elche. Entrance is free with a small charge if you wish to climb the bell tower (highly recommended for it's views of the surrounding area as well as the small museum areas on each floor on the way up).

Outside - Back Inside

Plaça de Baix (Bajo Plaza)

Getting Around

Getting around can be problematic particularly with parking which can be difficult to find (though you can follow the locals in simply parking on the side of the street wherever there is space). There are local buses also in operation with regular service throughout the area.

Further Information

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