Tuesday, August 9th, 2005 - Glasgow

I slept in this day and took the train into Edinburgh to attend a few of the fringe events. A bit easier today since I did not have to worry about my luggage as I did yesterday. The train is quite quick though I have to transfer from a local train to the city train one station along the tracks. The weather has been good and it is surprising to see the number of people on the trains during the day (I would guess tourists).

Fringe Festival Events Attended

Time Description Comment
15:15 The Odd Couple (Assembly at Assembly Hall) The Neil Simon play of two mismatched bachelors forced into sharing an apartment in New York. One of the top shows of this year's festival (so far) this production stars two popular UK comedians Bill Bailey and Alan Davies. It is very well done with Bailey definitely the most relaxed and natural of the two (the dodgy accent of Davies does not help).
20:30 Umbilical Brothers - The Rehearsal (Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance One) A fantastic hour of physical comedy with simply two performers and an empty stage (well, except for a video camera and projection screen). Truly inspired and very funny (particularly the last few minutes using sock puppets).

Another late evening by the time I got back to Jillian's house with her already in bed I was as quiet as I could pulling out the sofa bed and going to bed myself. It is remarkable how understanding she has been since I have not really seen her that much during this visit. I hope to change that tomorrow when I have promised a bit of dinner and more of a proper visit.

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