Sunday, July 31st, 2005 - Edinburgh

Jillian and I spent the morning walking around Edinburgh a bit. I had never seen the new Scottish Parliament at the bottom of the Royal Mile (furthest end from the castle) so that is where we went. It is a very modern building with abstract shapes seemingly stapled to the outside of a rather geometricly shaped building itself. The interior is very impressive and the speaking chamber is beautifully fitted with natural wood and is very light with tremendous acoustics.

We waffled a bit but then decided to try to walk up to the top of Arthur's Seat which is literally just a stone's throw from the Parliament building. The waffling was due to the fact that it is NOT a short nor easy walk to the top. We huffed and puffed and walked up only to realise that Jillian had pointed to the wrong path (I can safely say that it was her since I have no idea which path it might be, not having lived here for as many years as she has). We enjoyed the views anyway from somewhere near the top then returned down and through the town.

In the afternoon we left her mother's house to stay at her house which is in a small suburb of Glasgow, Lenzie. This is the first time I had ever been on the rather boring motorway that connects Edinburgh and Glasgow. Nothing of any note to report.

Jillian's house is rather nice – On the main floor of an old mansion with large rooms (and many of them) with high ceilings. I found a comfortable bed in the roll-out sofa.

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