Wednesday, August 10th, 2005 - Glasgow

Once again another trip across to Edinburgh. I feel a bit guilty about not doing too much in Glasgow but the fact the Fringe is on is too good to pass up and even though it is busy I am having a great time at the festival and in Edinburgh – which, I have to admit, I really do enjoy somewhat more than Glasgow.

Edinburgh Castle

Fringe Festival Events Attended

Time Description Comment
12:00 The Reduced Shakespeare Company: All the Great Movies (Abridged) (Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance One) I have seen RSC (The Reduced Shakespare Company) in London at a few of their shows (specifically Complete Works of Shakespeare: Abridged) but this show was a bit of a departure. Of course, it was sold out and extremely popular. The show was basically in the form of a producer and director looking for the ideal movie to shoot and in the process going through various short skits about many famous movies. Definitely not in the form of previous shows where they simply try to get through as much of the subject of the show (the aforementioned Shakespeare, history of the world, the bible, etc). I think I enjoyed the frantic pace of the other format but this performance still had it's amusing moments.
16:40 Aisle 16: Poetry Boyband (Pleasance Courtyard, Cellar) A group of four poets in a small room in a small room in the basement of the Pleasance Courtyard seating only about 30 people makes for an interesting experience. Their use of a PowerPoint (computer) presentation to accent the various short “micro lectures” talking about poetry (such as “Identity”, “Find Your Voice”, “Love”, “Misery”, etc). Very interesting but a bit too quick in some places where I got a bit lost…They have a LOT of energy and are certainly very witty. A definite winner in my books.

A relatively early evening so that I could return to Glasgow to visit with Jillian a bit rather than show up so late at night I did not even have a chance to talk with her. It was a good choice. We did have a good chance to talk over drinks at a local pub as well as an Indian dinner (my treat – the LEAST I could do with her putting up with me for the past few days!). It was very good and we spent a bit of the evening watching a show on television she wanted to watch as well. A very pleasant day.

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