Monday, August 15th, 2005 - Edinburgh

Breakfast was taken as early as they would let me (8 am) and it was very good. I was the first one there so had a good table looking out onto the street. Even though the B & B is very close to the centre of the city there is a nice park just opposite and the street is very quiet. I think it is generally just B & Bs here.

I gathered up my belongings to go to the train station. Last night I had noticed a back entrance to the station which saved me quite a walk along the street. Heading into the WH Smith I stocked up on magazines and drink for the train trip. 9:30 the train left on time. The trip back seemed to go much quicker with nothing really to see along the way. Transferring to a local train at Peterborough I got onto a rather full train (going to the airport) for the final 45 minute train trip to Cambridge. I arrived at 2:10, right on time, and grabbed a cab to take me home.


Well. An incredible two weeks. I was worried when planning all of this that I would be bored. That was not the case. I was very pleased with the fact I was able to see a fair amount of the Fringe when in Edinburgh but I have been most pleased with having such good visits with my friends and seeing areas of the country that I have never seen, particularly Shetland. It was a LOT of work (and money) but I do not regret it a minute. Two weeks later it is a fresh as when I was actually out travelling. I have the memories and photos now…