Wales - Cardiff

The capital of Wales, Cardiff is a busy and cosmopolitan city that plays host to many important sporting events and is located on the south coast of Wales just south of the M4.

Cardiff Bay

Harbour View

I have really only visited the “Cardiff Bay” area of Cardiff which is a short distance to the south of the city centre. You can get in and out of the area bypassing the city itself completely and it is a haven from the hustle and bustle having in recent years been developed quite heavily into a park and recreation area. There is ample parking in several large car parks including one in the “Mermaid Quay” shopping complex.

Wales Millennium Centre

“Mermaid Quay” is the cultural heart of Cardiff Bay where many of it's attractions are located. A familiar sight for many is of the munificent facade of the Wales Millennium Centre, an arts venue engraved with the words of a poem.

The Senedd

Beside the Millennium Centre is The Senedd, the headquarters of the Welsh government housed in a magnificent modern building which you can visit.


The red “Pierhead” building formerly housed the “Bute Dock Company” but is now used to host meetings of “The Senedd”. On the shoreline out front you can pick up boat tours of the harbour and surrounding area as well as fishing tours.

Ianto's Shrine

Of interest to Dr Who/Torchwood fans, Mermaid Quay was used as the headquarters for Torchwood in the television shows and has it's own shrine to “Ianto” one of the characters killed in the final episodes.

Cardiff Bay Barrage

In the bay you can follow a path all the way around the western shore to the “Cardiff Bay Barrage” (harbour lock) though park land and along beautiful paved paths.

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