Great Britain - Wales

Criccieth Castle, Northern Wales

Wales is a gorgeous area of the United Kingdom. It is an area well visited during the tourist season but large enough that you can get away from all that and hide yourself in some remote area, making it your own.

Sparsely inhabited, Wales is a land of mountains, lakes, seaside and forests. Sparse it might be but the Welsh are a fiercely proud people celebrating their own unique culture and language (which seemed until only just recently to be lost).

I have largely explored in the north but have also visited the south more in recent years.


There are a number of free brochures that list various attractions in Wales, including one for the 'Top 10 Attractions of Wales' and another, the 'Top 10 Attractions in Northern Wales', both are worth reading, if only for general ideas.

See my specific county and town pages for attractions specific to them.

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