Isle of Anglesey


Wales - Anglesey

The “Isle of Anglesey” (Ynys Môn) is located in the north-west tip of Wales with the largest town being “Holyhead” (itself on the small “Island of Holy” accessed via a short causeway you will likely not know you even crossed) on the western-most end of the county which is the location of a ferry to the Republic of Ireland (and not much more of note here). The main road across the island (A55) takes you directly to the ferry terminal.

Menai Bridge

The island is accessed by a bridge (no toll) across the narrow “Menai Strait”.


The island is mostly farmland though there is some spectacular cliffs and beaches around it's shores. It is not difficult to travel (by car) from one side of the island to the other in under an hour.


South Stack

South Stack

“South Stack” is considered an area of Anglesey just to the west of Holyhead but, more correctly, the name is of a small rock island located there on which is perched a lighthouse that you can visit (if it is open and you have purchased a ticket in advance). Even without a ticket you can walk down to the base of the spectacular cliffs to the bridge that leads to “South Stack”.

Base of the Cliffs Cliffs

The area at the top of the cliffs overlooking the lighthouse is criss-crossed with walking trails that continue all the way over the top to Holyhead though note that they are not overly well signposted so best to study a map before heading out.

Top of Cliffs

The area is owned and operated by the RSPB as part of “RSPB South Stack” who have a lovely modern café and shop on site, away from the windy cliffs. There are only limited parking places in the area (including at the café) all of which are “pay and display” (free to RSPB members).

Tŷ Mawr Hut Circles

Also worthwhile visiting are the “Tŷ Mawr Hut Circles” which are just a short distance down the road from the RSPB café and are free to visit (look for the small sign on the road). These are a good number of the remains of ancient stone huts and enclosures scattered along the length of a field, demanding wonderful views of the surrounding landscape.

Tŷ Mawr Hut Circles and Coast

Halen Môn - Anglesey Sea Salt Company

Halen Môn Entrance

Located on the Menai Straits near the southern tip of the island and “Anglesey Sea Zoo” is Halen Môn, a small company evaporating the waters of the straits to make their famous salt.

Evaporating Tables

There is a small gift shop on site and they offer a tour (and tasting) for a small fee. The tour shows off their evaporation tables, explaining how this is done, and ends with a trip to their small warehouse (small but then you think of the cost of their salt…). The tasting compares their salt to other salts that we are familiar with to clearly show how far better theirs is (it is) though it also does take in some of their flavoured salts as well.


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