Wales - Carmarthenshire

“Carmarthenshire” is located on the south coast of Wales, between Cardiff to the east and Pembrokeshire to the west.



Carmarthen Castle

The small market town of Carmarthen is, of course, the capital of Carmarthenshire complete with castle (Carmarthen Castle).

Town Centre

The town centre is pedestrianised with a few small shops but also some of the big city retailers such as H&M.

Market Exterior

The small modern market building has a good selection of shops with both food and housewares on a offer from small stalls.

Market Interior

There are a number of largely unmarked car parks in the city as well as street parking (with 30 minutes free).

St Clears

Town Center

St Clears is a small town a short distance down the road from Carmarthen with not a lot to see or do other than a few pubs and a few fields…The Afon Cynin river flows through the town and there is also the ruins of a castle nearby.


There is an interesting contemporary memorial to the “Rebecca Riots”…

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